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ATR 42 Maritime Patrol Surveyor

Based on the widely proven and optimized ATR family, more than 670 ATR aircraft have been sold worldwide.  The ATR 42 Surveyor MP is Alenia Aermacchi’s response to the evolving maritime surveillance needs.

The ATR 42 Surveyor builds on more than 10 million hours of in-service experience to provide high reliability, very low operational and maintenance costs and the capability to operate in tough environments, including unprepared strips, short and narrow fields, and extreme weather conditions.

The ATR 42 MP is fitted with the latest Advanced Tactical Observation System (ATOS), and an open and modular integrated mission management system, in order to fulfill its primary roles of vessel search, identification and surveillance, maritime and coastal surveillance, search and rescue (SAR), and pollution detection.

Thanks to an extremely flexible and modular design, the aircraft can be quickly and easily reconfigured to fulfill secondary roles such as troop/paratroop transport, medical evacuation, passenger/VIP transport, cargo transport.

The ATR-42 Surveyor is currently in service with Italian Customs Police and the Italian Coast Guard.

  • Power Plant:PW 127E engines (take-off power 2,160 shp)
  • Propellers:568F 6-blade Hamilton
  • Max. cruise speed:280 KTAS
  • Patrolling Time:up to 11 hrs.
  • Ferry range:2,020 Nm (ISA – LRC)

For more details, please visit: www.atraircraft.com


Span 24.57 m 80.58 ft
Length 22.67 m 74.42 ft
Height 7.59 m 24.92 ft
Wing area 54.5 sqm 586 sqft
Empty 11,250 kg 24,802 lb
Takeoff (maximum) 18,600 kg 41,006 lb
Zero Fuel Weight (Maximum) 16,700 kg 36,817 lb
Power Plant    
Take-off power 2,160 SHP  
Take-off power (one engine out) 2,400 SHP  
Propeller (Hamilton Standard) 6 blade 568F  
Performance (clean, ISA)    
Take-off (ISA-Sea level-MTOW) 1,165 m  3,822 ft
Landing (sea level - MLW) 1,126 m 3,694 ft
Max cruise speed (ISA - 17,000 ft) 281 kt