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ATR 72 Anti-Submarine Warfare

The ATR 72ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) is a special version of the ATR 72 turboprop regional aircraft made by the French-Italian ATR joint venture (Alenia Aermacchi/EADS), and the most affordable solution to fulfill the Anti-Submarine role in modern naval warfare.
Proven in revenue service under a wide range of operating conditions, the ATR 72 is well adapted to ASW missions as a result of its design and size which provide a solid airframe, the necessary support systems, and the cabin volume to accommodate the special equipment required to search for, detect, identify, track, and attack both submarines and surface targets on command.
The ATR 72 ASW integrates the tactical patrol and surveillance mission system of the ATR 42 Surveyor with additional anti-submarine warfare capabilities such as a search radar, an acoustic system with sonobuoy launcher, an electro-optic system, a Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD), a self protection system including Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Missile Warning System (MWS), chaff and flare dispensers and an armament system with four underfuselage pylons for depth charges, torpedoes and antiship missiles.
The ATR 72ASW is equipped with a mission system that includes:
• Four workstations in fuselage;
• Mobile turret with electro-optical sensors;
• Search radar;
• ESM sensor (Electronic Support Measures);
• MAD sensor (Magnetic Anomaly Detector);
• Integrated self-protection system, (Chaff & Flare Dispenser, Radar Warning, Missile Warning, Laser Warning);
• Sono-buoy launcher;
• Anti-submarine torpedoes (MK 46 and/or MK 54LWT) carried on 2 armament pylons;
• System of anti-submarine weapons’ management for the calculation of the launch point.
Eight ATR 72ASWs have been recently selected by the Turkish Government to be operated by the Turkish Navy. The Italian Navy also acquired four ATR 72s with initial Maritime Patrol (MP) capabilities but with configuration provisions for the ASW capabilities to be integrated subsequently.
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Span 27.05 m 88.75 ft
Length 27.17 m 89.13 ft
Height 7.65 m 25.08 ft
Wing area 61 sqm 657 sqft
Empty 15,052 kg 33,184 lb
Takeoff (maximum) 21,960 kg 48,413 lb
Power Plant    
Take-off power 2,475 SHP  
Take-off power 2,750 SHP  
Propeller (Hamilton Sundstrand) 6 Blade 568F  
Performance (clean, ISA)    
Balance take-off field length (ISA - Sea Level MTOW) 1,290 m 4,232 ft
Landing Field Length (Sea level -MLW) 1,067 m 3,500 ft
Maximum Cruise Speed (97% MTOW - ISA - 16,000 ft) 276 kt