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C-27J Spartan Tactical Transport Aircraft

The C-27J provides a true multi-functional, military aircraft designed and built for tactical transport and to support combat operations. It operates autonomously in remote and austere environments and can take off and land from unprepared surfaces and airstrips less than 2,000 feet. The C-27J has flown in Iraq and Afghanistan in the most complex and challenging environments, including operations from unpaved runways with excellent results in terms of technical reliability and operational performance. Its ruggedness is confirmed by mission availability rates in excess of 85% recorded in over three years of operational deployments in the austere and extreme Afghan environment.

This twin-engine turboprop aircraft boasts state-of-the-art avionics, propulsion and systems. The C-27J offers superior and cost-effective performances in any operational condition, extreme mission flexibility, and is uniquely interoperable and interchangeable with heavier military airlifters. Today’s budget environment demands sound investment decisions. At less than 50% of the flyaway cost of its nearest competitor, the C-27J retains the ability to fly 90% of cargo as requested by the customer in-theater today.

The C-27J Spartan Aircraft Specifications

Extremely maneuverable and versatile, the rugged C-27J boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class, and the ability to perform fighter aircraft-like, 3.0g force maneuvers, enabling it to make tight turns, and climb and descend quickly. It can fly farther, faster and higher than any other twin engine military transport aircraft in its class.

The C-27J features the unique capability to vary cargo floor height and continuously adjust attitude, ensuring easy loading and unloading of large volume, high density payloads without ground support equipment as well as easy drive in/out of vehicles allowing their immediate operation.

The C-27J offers significantly more capability than any other aircraft in its class. Its large flight envelope allows it to carry out the most demanding tactical missions quickly, safely, and effectively.

The C-27J's structural strength, power and system redundancy provide a high level of safety and an unbeatable mission accomplishment rate. The C-27J has outstanding threat avoidance capabilities, including a take-off ground run of about 1,900 feet at maximum take-off weight on an unpaved surface. In a tactical environment, the aircraft is capable of climbing to 10,000 ft in 3 minutes, descending from 10,000 ft in under 2.5 minutes and can handle up to 3.0g forces. At its maximum landing weight, the C-27J has a ground roll of less than 1,115 ft.


Span 28.70 m  94.16ft
Length 22.70 m 74.48 ft
Height 9.65 m 31.6 ft
Wing area 81.94 m 882 ft
Normal Landing Weight 27,500 kg 60,627 lb
Maximum Takeoff (logistic) 31,800 kg 70,107 lb
Maximum Takeoff (basic) 30,500 kg 67,241 lb
Power Plant    
Engine Rolls-Royce AE 2100-D2  
Engine Power 4637 SHP  
Propeller Dowty R-391 six-blade  
Performance (clean, ISA)    
Maximum Service Ceiling 9,144m  30,000ft
Maximum Cruise Speed 315 KTAS  
Landing Ground Roll (MLW normal, ISA, S.L.) 340 m 1,115 ft