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Proven Capabilities and Performance

As an after-market and sustainment provider with over 50 years of proven excellence, Ale­nia’s portfolio includes maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), modernization, modifications, refurbishment and service life extension, technical services, training and simulation.

Alenia has expertise in all aspects of fixed-wing aircraft maintenance including field, intermediate and depot maintenance. From diagnosing systems, to removing components, repairing them at the customer's base and re-stocking spares, Alenia provides the tailored services to maintain control of an fleet’s life-cycle.

Alenia designs, engineers and incorporates aircraft modifications and upgrades, up to the full refurbishment of obsolete aircraft. Specific capabilities in­clude structural modifications, modernization of glass cockpits and avi­onics, installation of advanced flight decks and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems and cargo conversions of commercial airliners.

The list of customers and partners that have selected Alenia’s aftermarket and sustainment services already include Boeing, ATR, Dassault, NATO, Eurofighter and Panavia, as well the U.S. Air Force,  Italian Air Force and Italian Coast Guard as well as several other air forces.

Thanks to the availability of world-class facilities that service commercial and military fleets in North America and Europe, Alenia Aermacchi North America, in conjunction with other Finmecca­nica group companies, provides truly global aftermarket and sustainment services.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Possessing the full spectrum of MRO capabilities, Alenia is committed to providing reliable, tailored solutions from basic technical support to full contractor logistics support (CLS).

Alenia provides cradle-to-grave systems support, to maximize readiness and ensure added value and quality, while helping customers establish organic maintenance capability.



  • Line and depot maintenance (A, B and C checks) planning and execution
  • Warehouse management, spares procurement and repair & return (including out-of-production)
  • Field services
  • Sustaining engineering
  • Technical support services


  • Military transport aircraft: C-27J, G222, C-130H/J
  • Fighters: Eurofighter, Tornado, AMX, F-104 Starfighter
  • Trainers: M-346, MB 339
  • Special mission aircraft: ATR 42/72, NATO E-3A AWACS, Boeing 707 TCA  

Modernization, Modification, Refurbishment and Life Extension

A prime example of Alenia’s all-encompassing refurbishment capabilities is the G222 program for the Afghanistan Air Force. Alenia regenerated a fleet of 22 tactical transport aircraft from bone yard conditions to re-conditioned with zero hours and 15 years life expectancy. The extensive refurbishment included the repair and replacement of the aircraft structures, upgrading the avionics and communications suite as well as executing the contractual and operational provisions to guarantee fleet support through its renovated life-cycle.


Other notable examples of Alenia’s modernization, upgrade and modifications experience include:

  • ATR 42/72 cargo conversion with large cargo door for loading standard ULD containers
  • ATR 42 Surveyor conversion; transformation of a commercial airliner into a maritime patrol, surveillance and search and rescue platform
  • Mid-life upgrade and service life-extension for the Italian Air Force’s Tornado multirole combat aircraft and AMX light attack and reconnaissance aircraft.
  • B-767 and MD-11 advanced common flight deck installation
Glass cockpits, avionics and systems upgrade for proprietary and non-proprietary platforms.

Training, Simulation and Technical Services

Alenia supplies integrated training systems extending including ground based training systems (GBTS), mission support systems, training management information system and logistic support.

Alenia has over 50 years of experience provid­ing military training solutions for proprietary platforms, such as the Eurofighter, the Tornado and the C-27J, and non-proprietary platforms, such as the C-130H and C-130J for the Italian Air Force.

Alenia offers tailored train­ing solutions:

  • Aircrew training: initial, tactical/operation­al and recurring training
  • Maintenance training: initial, advance (in­cluding OJT) and recurring training
  • On-site support training: aircrew instructor and ground crew instructors at customer facilities to develop and provide courses in accordance to specific customer needs
  • Training and simulation equipment: growing complexity and performance tailored to meet specific training tasks

In addition, Alenia has experience providing technical support services for configuration management, continuous airworthiness, obsolescence management, technical publications production and management.